Environmental Policy

Sustainability and the environment are top priorities at iVEX. We focus on minimizing energy use, natural resources and environmental waste while still being able to provide the quality products our customers have come to expect. We have significantly increased research and development to bring effective packaging to market through eco-friendly processes that consume fewer natural resources, such as water and energy.

Social Responsibility at iVEX

  • Our team conducts internal waste audits to measure and report improvements while analyzing our processes to help eliminate waste.
  • We are focused on protecting, supporting and enhancing our customer’s experiences with our products while preserving natural resources for future generations.
  • Our waste reduction strategy focuses on minimizing energy use and landfill input while increasing transportation efficiency.
  • We pride ourselves on the development of packaging design that maintains the lowest environmental impact without sacrificing performance.
  • We have introduced higher-yield materials, which means our products are lighter to produce, transport and use; reducing energy use and green house gas emissions.
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